Scheduling a test

Scheduling tests for the future

Neat A/B Testing lets you schedule product attribute and product page layout tests in the future.

How to schedule a test

On the create test page for a product attribute or product page layout test, enter a future date and time into the Schedule field. Do not edit the field if you want to start your test immediately.

Click Start test later to schedule your test.

Cancelling a scheduled test

On your dashboard, click the checkbox next to the scheduled test you would like to cancel.

Then, select Actions > Delete test to delete the test.

Starting a scheduled test early

If you wish to start a scheduled test before the scheduled date, go to your dashboard and click the checkbox next to the scheduled test you would like start.

Then, select Actions > Start test to start the test immediately.

On the next screen, select Product attribute test and select the product you would like to test.

This will bring up a form you can use to set up your test variant. Go to the attribute you would like to test and change it. For example, if you want to test a new primary image, check the radio button next to the image you would like to test. When you're ready, hit Start test.

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